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Symptoms of an Arizona Bark Scorpion Sting

Arizona Bark Scorpions are considered the most venomous species of scorpion in the United States, and not surprisingly these scorpions are found here in Arizona, in-home across areas like Phoenix, Surprise, Mesa, and more. Most scorpion stings provide similar pain to that of a bee sting: painful, but only severe…

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What it Means to Offer Organic Pest Extermination Services

Throughout Phoenix, there are homeowners and businesses struggling with pests, and in need of a skilled pest control company. But the idea of pest control is not always exciting, knowing that usually, the most effective way to kill pests is with harsh, toxic chemicals. At Green Home Pest Control in…

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7 Tips to Avoid Fruit Flies in Summer

How To Get Rid Of Arizona Fruit Flies In the hierarchy of scary pests, fruit flies are somewhere near the bottom. But when a fruit fly infestation gets too severe, they are some of the most irritating bugs that you can have in your home. Fruit flies may be small,…

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Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With Termites in Arizona

There are many different types of pests. But perhaps none are as destructive as the termite. Capable of producing thousands of dollars worth of property damage, as well as putting your home at risk for fires and energy loss, termites are not just a nuisance – they are a huge…

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