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Are Bug Zappers Effective Against Mosquitos?

“Mosquitos.” That is the answer to the common trivia question, “what animal has killed more humans than any other?” It’s not dogs. It’s not snakes. It’s not even other humans. Mosquitos are considered a scourge of the earth, and some scientists have openly wondered if they are a necessary part…

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How to Tell if Your Bug Bites Are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are every traveler’s worst nightmare. Not only do they create some very itchy bites – they also do so in the secrecy of the night, breed quickly, and are extremely difficult to eliminate. It is why we at Green Home Pest Control are frequently called for bed bug…

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How Fast Can Termites Damage Your Home

There are dozens of different types of problematic pests. Some pests spread disease. Others bite. Others are simply frightening to look at. But for homeowners, often the greatest threat isn’t to your health and wellness. It’s to your property. Termites may not carry disease, and they may not bite, but…

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Tools to Control Pigeons in Phoenix, AZ

Pest control is not limited to ants, scorpions, and spiders. It is also about any type of invasive pest that seems to take over a property. That is why we at Green Home Pest in Phoenix also offer pigeon control services, to help remove these scavenger birds when they seem…

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