10 Tips to Keep Your Garden Pest Free

gardening-small-200x300Having your own garden can bring so much joy. Not only can a garden be a vibrant addition to your home, but it can also be a place grow your fresh vegetables. Gardens can also be therapeutic and can help one unwind from the stress of daily life. So when garden pests threaten to seize your garden, you have to take action to preserve your place of beauty. Fortunately their are environmentally friendly methods that can be used to ward off unwanted garden pests.

  • Consider planting garlic and onions to deter unwanted pests. These plants can help to protect your other vegetables and flowers, but do be aware that planting too much garlic and onion may deter creatures that are beneficial to your garden. Like many aspects of life, balance is key.
  • It is also smart to rotate your veggies yearly to keep unwanted pests at bay. It is a good idea to group your beans and peas together. Then be sure to group cucumbers, cantaloupes, melons, pumpkin and squash together. When you rotate your plants on a yearly basis, it makes it much harder for pests to find them.
  • You want to attract beneficial insects to your garden. Keep in mind that ladybugs, spiders, praying mantis, beetles and wasps all eat insects that would gnaw away at your precious vegetables. Laying a thin layer of mulch in the spring will help to attract spiders. Spiders desire a cool environment, so laying this layer of mulch will entice them to stay and eat aphids and other pests that would otherwise plague your garden. It is also a smart idea to plant herbs, flowers and cloves around the perimeter of your garden because this helps to attract a wide variety of insects.
  • It is also crucial to use fences to keep dogs, cats, deer and groundhogs away from your garden. If deer are a concern, try placing a 6 foot tall wire cage around your garden. You want to place these cages several feet away from the outermost branches of your garden.
  • Keep slugs away from your garden by attracting them elsewhere. Pouring old beer into a plastic container can be an excellent way to keep unsuspecting slugs away from your garden.
  • If you need to keep dogs from digging in your garden, trying mixing this spicy concoction. Mix Tabasco sauce, a garlic clove, onion and cayenne pepper in a bucket of warm water. Next, sprinkle this mixture around the soil were dogs are not welcome to dig. If you need to shoo cats away from your garden substitute mustard seeds in place of the garlic and onion. Squirrels and mice will be frustrated by their paws getting sticky from the Tabasco sauce to the extent that they will not wish to dig up bulbs in your garden.
  • Spray vinegar around your trees if your aim is to keep unwelcome tomcats away. This task also helps to neutral the odor that tomcats leave behind. If you place vinegar in jars around your garden it will detract fungus gnats away from your plants.
  • beautiful-backyard-300x225Rabbits need to know that your garden is not their buffet line. You can include statues of owls, snakes or hawks to keep rabbits away. You can also use mesh to keep bunnies away from individual plants.
  • The smell of citrus is a delightful aroma for most people, but cats find it absolutely revolting. Therefore you an keep neighborhood cats away from your garden by sprinkling a few lemon, orange or grapefruit peels around your garden’s perimeter. Aphids also dislike lemon water, so you can also use a lemon water mixture as a line of defense against aphids.
  • Quality plants grow when they are nourished by quality soil. Earthworms can help your soil remain healthy and can encourage plants to grow to their potential. When the soil is healthy, destructive insects are less likely to take a hold of your garden.

By following these tips, you can keep garden pests away and can enjoy a beautiful vibrant garden. You deserve a garden that supplies you with a fresh supply of vegetables. A garden should also be a place of solace to relax and unwind. You can be environmentally conscious while reaping the benefits of a beautiful garden. If you find that taking your own measures isn’t helping against an infestation then Green Home Pest is here to help you.


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